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15 Top Romantic Pakistani Movies

The 15 Most Popular Romantic Pakistani Films - Dopatta

There have been many romantic Pakistani films since its start. Both Pakistani and Indian individuals admire these films.

The revival of Pakistan's film has additionally helped to deliver millennia to classics.

Whether or not films are black and white, colored or digital, they've obtained a huge viewers

Movies are additionally a language and totally different cultures they characterize. These films have featured actors from all over Pakistan.

After the widespread reputation of Urdu movies, the Punjab films are clearly one another.

DESIblitz detects 15 romantic masterpieces from the 50's to the present day.

Dopatta (1952)

Director: Sabtain Fazli
Stars: Noor Jehan, Ajay Kumar, Sudhir

Film Dopatta set during World Struggle II. Bulbul (late Mrs Noor Jehan) is the spouse of the army officer Roshan (Ajay Kumar).

Her husband is in warfare and eagerly awaits him. This black and white film isn’t enough to explain feelings and real-life scenes.

The movie begins together with her husband who has an damage. Bulbul talks to a physician to find a strategy to deal with her with cosmetic surgery. Because the dialogue continues, they go back in time when Bulbul and Roshan met.

This film has basic songs which are still well-liked. The well-known songs of this movie are "Tum Zindagi Ko Gham Ka Fasana Bana Gaye" and "Chandni Raatein."

Noor Jehan sang all of the songs within the movie

Dopatta is likely one of the first movies in Pakistan's movies. The music, film, set and actors have been vital.

The whole lot within the film has its full position.

Koel (1959)

  15 Most Popular Pakistani Films - Koel

Director: Masood Pervez
Stars: Noor Jehan, Aslam Pervaiz, Nazar, Allaudin

A ravishing musical performance opens in the experiment. It exhibits a household with a fantastic cloudy day.

Lovely family seems joyful but not all good for them. They stay within the village and lead to a very dangerous life. They host a Karachi dancer who is a burden on their households.

Their life modifications when the patriarch Allah Banday Khan (Allaudin) will get a bid to play on the worldwide stage. He decides to use the opportunity but dies on the aircraft.

The one player in the family is not, and there's nothing at house anymore. His spouse decides to provide his baby to Zareena a dancer (Nazar) who helps him develop into a well known dancer.

Zareena is growing up together with her pal Salman (Aslam Pervaiz) who is a wonderful flutter. Over time, Zareena (Noor Jehan) turns into a dancer, however she does not reveal her identify.

It happens that Zareen lives next to Salman, but she doesn't recognize her. On the similar time he remembers him.

Salman can’t overlook him as a result of he notices that he is a dancer. However, Zareena needs to do every little thing to get again to Salman.

Koel is one in every of Pakistan's most successful musicals

A few of the famous songs on this movie are Dil Ka Diya Jalaye Rakhna & # 39; Rhim Jhim Rhim Jhim.

This movie had a romance, however above all it emphasized the dancer.

Yakkay Wali (1957)

  15 Most Popular Romantic Pakistani Movies - Yakkay Wali

Director: MJ Rana
Stars: Musarrat Nazir, Sudhir, Zarif, Nazar

Yakkay Wali is a serious movie with a very uncommon story from the 50's. The movie opens when dacoits rob the village. They don't save anybody – not even feudal, merchants or peasants.

When the murder happens, the villagers drive the attacker, however in vain. In the midst of the battle is a blind man in the house. Laali (Mussarat Nazir) helps her husband, who is his uncle.

This movie is unusual because it tells the story and difficulties of Lal. He is a Tongan driver at a practice station.

He faces criticism that he is alone and the man is working.

At some point, all the things modifications to Laal when he finds a shopper.

Aslam (Sudhir) returns from the town when he comes to feel and love Laal. Aslam tells her that it isn’t Tonga, however she truly needs it.

Laali, who initially feels terribly shy and abstains ultimately falls in love together with her.

This film sent a very progressive and highly effective message to Pakistan and India that a lady can do something.

Zubaida Khanum put her songs on track songs

A consumer who seems to be at a film mentions in IMDb: “I recommend this movie to people who speak Punjab. “

Nazar and Zarif, two of the popular comedians at the time, were also in the movie.

Naela (1965)

  15 Most Popular Romantic Pakistani Films - Nail

Director: Sharif Nayyar
Stars: Shamim Ara, Santosh, Darpan, A. Shah

Movie Nail since 1965 was debut from talented Shamim Arasta. The film is an adaptation of a novel of the same name. The last Razia Butt is the author of the novel.

The nail tells a romantic story about a woman who attracts two men. Both men are aware of the situation and do everything to win the Nail (Shamim Ara).

To prove love and friendship, one of his friends (Darpan) departs from Nela and gives his friend (Santosh) his love. This causes complications because the Nail is not happy with the situation.

Mala and Naseem Begum make songs for this movie. Mala sings the famous song "Dil Ke Veeranay Mein Ik Shama Hai Roshan Kab Say."

One interesting thing about this movie is that it was twenty-nine weeks in the Peshawar cinema

The story of the nail is similar to the Bollywood movie Sangam (1964), starring Raj Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar and Vyjanthimala

The romantic music movie was a super hit that Celebrated its silver jubilee.

Armaan (1966)

  15 Most Popular Romantic Pakistani Films - Armaan

Director: Parvez Malik
Stars: Zeba, Waheed Murad, Nirala, Tarannum, Zahoor Ahmad

Arma helped create legendary actors Waheed Murad (late) and Zeba career.

The film begins by pointing out the life of the rural and the home of a woman named Neba of Zeba. She lives with her aunt and her two cousins. One day everything changes to her when her cousin confesses to Najma that she is pregnant.

He also reveals his lover, but is unable to tell him the news of his career. His lover will never return, and he will give up his wife to the peasant.

On the other hand, Waheed Murad is Nasir's role. She leads a lofty life and loves to go for a party. Suddenly everything changes to him when he gets a marriage proposal from his late friend's wife.

This movie has nine songs by Ahmad Rushdi, Mala and Khursheed Sherazi. The film reached Platinum Jubilee

It was also one of the earliest films that managed to illuminate the unpleasant topic of childbirth before marriage.

Heer Ranjha (1970)

  15 Best Romantic Pakistani Films - Heer Ranjha

Director: Masood Parvez

Stars: Firdous, Ejaz, Munawar Zarif, Ajmal

Heer Ranjha is an epic romantic a musical film that brings life to the legendary similar poem. Heer Ranjha was originally written by Waris Shah in the 18th century.

The film surrounds Heer's love depicted by Feerous and Ejaz. Ranjha is given to Dheede when he belongs to the Ranjha family.

Dheedo falls in love with Heer and decides to work with her father with her husband. Likewise, Heer also finds Dheedo attractive and loves him even more for playing flute.

Things crumble when the tribal differences come together with his uncle, Kaido (Ajmal). He tells Heer's father who quickly decides to marry his daughter to a wealthy but comic (Munawar Zarif).

He wants to make sure his niece is morally right. So, when he doesn't accept the Heer meeting in Dheedo, Kaido goes as far as poisoning him later in the movie.

Dheedo loses Heer but gives up. This film marks Dheedo's search for Heer

This Punjabi movie was a great success because it received many accolades.

The film features twelve tracks of legendary vocalist Noor Jehan, Masood Rana and Irene Parveen.

Umrao Jaan Ada (1972)

  15 Best Romantic Pakistani Films - Umrao Jaan Ada

Director: Hassan Tariq
Stars: Rani, Shahid, Rangeela, Nayyar Sultana

Umrao Jaan Ada is a classic film adaptation of Mirza Hadi Ruswa's signature

in Rani's starring Umrao Jaan. when his father comes to revenge. This is because his father is helping to put a dangerous criminal behind the bars

When he was released, he tells his father about kidnapping him and selling him to the most important tawaif. As a girl she learns to dance and to please men, and eventually she becomes tawaif.

Umrao Jaan becomes the favorite of many men. He is an excellent dancer and has the perfect command of Urdu poetry. His song succeeds in making everyone fall in love with him.

One man, Saleem (Shahid), belongs to Umrao Jaan. Like many men who want to be with Umrao Jan, Saleem will go again. He pays the main Tawaif large amount of money with Umrao Jan.

Although Saleem does it for love, Umrao Jaan is not happy with the situation. He did not expect such behavior from being gentle and affectionate, such as Saleem. But Saleem seems to show his love when he promises to respect and respect him.

But this is where all the problems start with Umrao Jaan. Every man who visits Umrao Jaan loves and wants to be with him.

Runa Laila, Irene Parveen, Ahmad Rushdi and Noor Jehan made a beautiful voice in the film.

The film was a great success and fans of both Pakistan and India appreciated the performances.

Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat (1975)

  15 Best Romantic Pakistani Films - Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat

Director: Shabab Keranvi
Stars: Babra Sharif, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Bahar Begum, Tamana [19659002] Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat is a tragic romantic movie. It's an adaptation of Erich Segal's famous book, Love Story (1970). The film begins with rom com and finishes with a beautiful note.

The film introduced a relatively new face to the Pakistani film audience. Noshi (Babra Sharif) is the role of a cancer patient. He loves his lover, Hamid (Ghulam Mohiuddin).

In spite of such a full life, no one knows his lover's knowledge of Noshi's condition.

This movie slowly travels through the tragedy. Cancer begins to affect his body and everyone is aware of his illness

When he failed to try to hide his condition, he eventually fails and dies.

This movie turned out to be a significant success at the box office.

Singers such as Naheed Akhtar, Mehdi Hassan (late) and Ahmad Rushdi sang this movie.

"Yeh Duniya Rahay Na Rahay" is one of the most famous songs in this movie.

This movie can start a little too idealistic. But when the story continues, it succeeds in capturing the attention and heart of many.

Mohabbat Zindagi Hai (1975)

  15 Most Popular Romantic Pakistani Movements - Mohabbat Zindagi Hai

Director: Iqbal Akhtar
Stars: Mohammad Ali, Zeba, Waheed Murad, Qavi Khan

Mohabbat Zindagi Hai is a romantic film with three great actors. Mohammad Ali plays a leading role opposite Zeba. Chaos Hero Waheed Murad plays a second violin

The film begins with a fine dialogue and shaky between a retired army officer (Qavi Khan) and his friend. She asks her daughter and her servant replies, "He's gone to play Kabbad."

In reality, Nadira (Zeba) is fighting with a man who is trying to waste a woman in the forest. He is bold and does not show fear. However, his father is worried about his tomboy attitude.

He asks his servant a solution that is responsible for telling his master to contact his friend Mirza. What begins with the journey to Nadira's future turns into a turning point when she meets Mirza's nephew.

This film had a perfect timing for the transmission of lines. Although all the Actors gave excellent performance, the story was also strong

The film illuminates this era in a very realistic way for the elite class of Pakistan

The film also offered memorable music and amazing dance performances. Major singers of the film were Mehdi Hassan, Naheed Akhtar and Ahmad Rushdi

Aina (1977)

  15 Most Popular Pakistani Films - Aina

Director: Nazrul Islam
Stars: Nadeem, Shabnam, Rehan [19659002] Always is an evergreen love story since 1977. Iqbal, played by Nadeem, is the receptionist of the hotel. He loves Rita, who was played by Shabnam

Rita's father (Rehan) does not accept bonds, but later gives up his daughter's will

Iqbal and Rita get married, but things don't seem to go well. His father does everything he can to improve his social status, but Iqbal refuses. He believes in his dignity and self-esteem. Rita also wants the best for her and her children.

The film is full of tensions and powerful conflicts. It describes the life of the two different and opposite classes in a different way

The film ran for nearly seven years in the film.

Mehdi Hassan (late), Alamgir and Nayyara Noor are singers of the film

"Mujhe Dil Se Na Bhulana" is a happy and sad theme song

Notes on songs, movie critic Mushtaq Ghuzdar, Pakistan Cinema 1947-1997 mentions: [19659002] “Aina Nazrul infuses a romantic note with songs using natural elements as tools

“ Using her open spaces to create a mood of scenes unlike the normal song lips synchronization presentation was greatly awakened by the audience. ”

Nahin Abhi Nahin (1980)


Director: Nazrul Islam
Stars: Qavi Khan Faisal Rehman, Arzoo, Ayaz Naik, Rangeela

Movie Nahin Abhi Nahin begins in a village the place a lady (Arzoo) is scuffling with work pains. His husband, a farmer (Qavi Khan), is desperately anxious. A couple of minutes later a baby boy is born

Man and spouse maintain the kid and do their greatest to get him in a better setting.

Their son Arma (Faisal Rehman) proclaims that he has passed a baccalaureate. His mother and father are glad and pleased with him. However not every thing is for their son's future.

Because a farmer doesn’t manage to pay for for his son's schooling, he decides to sell his nation.

Subsequently, Arma is related to Karachi Faculty. There he meets Shabnam (Arzoo) on a rainy day. Arzoo loves Armani's innocence and naivety, while Arma is in love at first sight.

At some point they may meet once more and ultimately will categorical their love for one another. It turns out that the feeling is mutual.

Nevertheless, there’s one drawback between the two. Shabnam belongs to the elite class, whereas Arma holds his social position to maintain the relationship.

I feel the scholar would fall in love with a a lot older lady, it was quite time. Nevertheless it was fairly clear that Shabnam seemed much older than he was.

In fact, the movie very properly captured the naivety and youth of actress Faisal Rehman. Ayaz Naik performs an essential however supportive position within the film

Bandish (1980)

  15 Most Popular Romantic Pakistani Films - Bandish

Director: Nazrul Islam
Stars: Nadeem, Shabnam, Diana, Talish, Allaudin [19659002] Bandish is a superb musical, situated on the gorgeous island of Indonesia. It is likely one of the first main tasks in Pakistan to be filmed abroad.

At first, the rich landowner (Talish) picks up his partner from the airport of Faisal (Nadeem). Faisal travels around unique green areas as he finds them majestic and delightful. Her heritage is the legacy of her wealthy father.

Faisal is obtainable a guide to which he repeatedly refuses. Based on him, he needs to see his country in a gorgeous country

At some point, Faisal leaves for a jet ski but can't control himself. In consequence, he crashes in the midst of the ocean. On the unknown seashore he’s saved by a ravishing lady (Diana Christana) and is taken to a close-by cabin.

Faisal married Diana not forgetting that she was married before.

Again to Faisal on an airplane. There he encounters the gorgeous PIA environment, Shama (Shabnam). He's making an attempt to flirt with him on an airplane and later in Singapore.

She does her greatest to win her heart and ultimately each fall in love with each other. You need to watch a film to see what occurs in the long run.

The famous singer Akhlaq Ahmed's famous track "Sona Na Chandi Na Koi Mahal" is in the movie. Robin Ghosh was the music composer of the music.

The film's movie depicts good surroundings

Bandish has a sensible script, this Platinum Jubilee film was in style in Pakistan and India.

Bin Roye (2015)

  15 Most Popular Romantic Pakistani Films - Bin Roye

Director: Shehzad Kashmiri
Stars: Mahira Khan, Armeena Rana Khan, Humayun Saeed, Javed Sheikh, Zeba Bakhtiar [19659002] Bin Roye is a film that focuses on the robust love story between Saba Shafiq and Irtaza Ghazanfar.

Saba by Mahana Khan is in love with Irtaza, described by Humayun Saeed. Irtaza recognizes her love, however she doesn't really like her as a lot as she does.

The movie has a twist when Irtaza travels to the USA. Throughout his go to, he’ll meet Saman Shafiq, performed by Armeena Rana Khan. They each fall in love and determine to marry.

What Irtaza doesn't perceive is that Sam is definitely Sama's older sister. Irtaza returns residence and Saba is happy to see her. Nevertheless, Saba has broken down when she notices that Irtaza and Armeena are married.

Mahira Khan gained the "Best Actress" for the 15th in the Lux Type Awards competition in 2016. Thanks for the movie Maliha Rehman from Daybreak News wrote [19659002] "Bin Roye as a chick desi model. However it is good and fascinating, regardless that males can sit by means of it. ”

Dobara Phir Se (2016)

  15 Most Popular Romantic Pakistani Films - Dobara Phir Se

Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Stars: Sanam Saeed, Adeel Hussain, Ali Kazmi, Hareem Farooq, Tooba Siddiqui

Dobara Phir It revolves across the love story performed by Hainem Farooq and Hammad Farooqui, described by Adeel Hussain

Zainab has divorced and has a 10-year-old baby. The film explores the love lifetime of Hammad and Zainab and the way they manage to stay collectively.

It additionally describes the lifetime of their associates Vassy (Ali Kazmi) and his wife Saman (Sanam Saeed).

Haniya Aslam, Ali Hamza, Zarish Hafeed, Jimmy Khan, Sara Haider, Arooj Aftab, Rekha Bhardwaj and Shiraz Uppal have sung songs of this film

When reviewing a movie about IMDb, the consumer writes

we often await Mehreen Jabbar . very robust course, very powerful modifying. ”

The film was shot in New York, USA, especially on Bridge Road and Lake Mohegan.

Punjab Nahin Jaungi (2017)

  15 Most Popular Romantic Pakistan Films - Punjab Nahin Jaungi

Director: Nadeem Baig
Stars: Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayyat, Urwa Hocane

Punjab Nahin New is a romantic comedy with a love triangle. Durdana Butt (Urwa Hocane) has an enormous crushing in Fawad Khagga (Humayun Saeed) and she or he actually needs to get married.

Then again, Fawad is considering Durdan. Issues turn when Fawad introduces the picture to Amal Dastoor (Mehwish Hayyat)

His mom is in the marriage proposal and Fawad really likes him. However Amal doesn't like her because of the rural background.

The film explores Fawad's attractiveness to Amal and Durdana's love life.

There are seven songs within the film, together with: Shafqat Amanat Ali, Farhan Saeed, Meesha Shafi, Asrar and Shiraz Uppal

The movie ran in cinemas for a while. Many critics of Pakistan came and the digital media praised the movie

There are various different romantic films about Pakistan. These are just some.

Although the Pakistani movie is being revived, more enhancements might be made especially within the script

Romantic Pakistani films also needs to be dealt with in smaller socio-economic points, as some

Rom-com genre is well-liked. Because of this, fans can anticipate thrilling rom-com films produced by business filmmakers in Pakistan sooner or later.

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