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Ronald Reagan, Basis for Western Aims and KAL Airport 007

Mae Brussell

(Hustler, Feb. 1984) Editor: A. Constantine

after the Korean Air Strains catastrophe that shocked the world 1 September 19, 1983, Los Angeles Herald Examiner journalists had a number of jerky points, crucial of which have been:

Q: Is there a cause to consider that Georgian lawyer Lawrence McDonald, a US Congressman traveling in 007, is perhaps of course murdered on board? A: "Although [U.S.] the government has not made such a charge, McDonald's widow claims that her husband, the national chairman of the John Birch Association," was murdered. "He thinks it was no coincidence that the" leading anti-communist US government "had been on an airplane forced into the Soviet Union" and was shot down. “The second question that needs to be addressed is: Why would the Soviet Union want to make martyr Larry McDonald? If the Russians are terrorist experts who are supposed to be, it seems clear that they could find an easier way to get rid of the congressman than to fly his plane in the Soviet Union for 2 hours. They could easily blow him around the world. In addition, it is hard to believe that the KAL flight 007 was forced into the Soviet airspace, as if the giant mechanism had nourished McDonald towards his dead enemy. During the odd 2 1/2 hours, when 007 dared up to 226 miles in Soviet airspace, the Russians tested the new missiles directly below. They didn't need any more problems. And I suspect that McDonald, a fanatic, as he was, deserves a sign of "the leading anti-communist government in America." He has a rather tough competition with AG "Fritz" Kraemer, Sven Kraemer, John Lenczowski, Paula Dobriansky, William Clark, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, William Casey, Henry Kissinger, Dr. Ernest Lefevre, William F. Buckley, James Buckley, Richard Pipes, General Daniel O. Graham and thousands of lights. An article that appeared immediately after shooting 007 was charged with the responsibility of the fleet representative John Lehman for "the death of 269 over the island of Sakhalin." Lehman's strategic design, known as "Horizontal Escalation" in the Defense Circle, describes a series of provocations against the Soviet Union. Lehman: “He who makes the signal burn in the North Pacific first gets a huge tactical advantage. This area … is probably where we testify with the Soviet Union. “Therefore, Europe and the United States are transferring the public to NATO missile discussions, but plans are being drawn up at the time of the first strike in the Pacific. South Korea, Japan and the United States are working together on these plans. Sending Spy aircraft over the Soviet Union serves provocation. Five days after the 007 event, former CIA spy Ralph McGehee told the university audience that a Korean passenger was really a spy. He also believes that the Russians thought 007 was an RC-135 level of intelligence. It was Senator Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina) – another archaic conservative ideologist; An anti-union, anti-government, anti-communist, and genocide international treaty organizer who organized McDonald's invitation to attend the US 30th anniversary of the war. Instead of traveling together, Helms and McDonald arrived at Alaska's Anchorage, which was the first trip to South Korea – on separate planes. The fact that McDonald was the only person in the 36-member American delegation flying alone seems strange. After refueling, the Boeing 747 bearing the Beads arrived safely to its destination. But McDonald – and his passenger on 007 – were not so happy. As Ian Fleming's books show, 007 was James Bond's "permission to kill." In this case, who was allowed to kill? Was it CIA and its Korean counterpart, KCIA? They were formed at about the same time and work closely together. The fact that McDonald and Helms flew on separate planes raises a number of unanswered questions. Who was sitting next to McDonald? The Korean airline must have a ticket for that passenger. If nobody used the seat, and if McDonald's were accompanied by other members of the American delegation, why didn't anyone of them be there? Where are the McDonald's Western Goals Foundation Staff or Advisory Members, Alexandria, Virginia, which acts as a national right-wing clearing house for negative information about the Left? Why did McDonald die alone? Who got the flight 007 by breaking the Soviet territory? Not Russians. They prepared the next week's meeting in Madrid, Spain, between US Secretary of State George Schultz and USSR Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, including the launch of negotiations on arms reduction and the annual United Nations meeting. All kind of event – and did – gave the worldview against them at a critical time. On the other hand, the US government benefited from collecting valuable military information in the pre-Soviet era of radar and defensive crash. Other benefits for the State Department and the Pentagon were the favorable MX missile and binary nerve disorder at the knee exercise congress. It is clear that Larry McDonald did not die in the hands of Soviet designers. The most important explanation for his death relates to recent revelations about his secret activity. Earlier, the relationship between McDonald and President Reagan began to overlap before it crashed. Illegal espionage, which was hidden behind the curtain of the righteous Americanity at any price, was becoming exposed. The media, along with many other institutions and individuals were intentionally withheld the Reagan years darker side of California Governor of the 1980 presidential campaign. Now the dirty laundry of the past began to leak. Ronald Reagan's key personnel, financiers, and denominators have always been involved in political espionage – and even worse. There was plenty of intrigue in California. Nixon and Reagan were in California. And California has an explosive bubble. The route that leads to the link between Reagan and McDonald is long and winding. However, the facts show that there was a co-operation between the Reagan staff and the governor and McDonald's Western Goals Foundation. The methods – and even the people involved – were the same in both cases. The first indication that California was faster than usual was on August 15, 1980, when Warren Hinckle, a former editor of Ramparts, said that Jerry Ducote's intrusion hit members of Ronald Reagan's governoral staff. (Ducote was a former sheriff deputy, used by Reagan's supporters to infiltrate suspects.) "Today, in Santa Clara County, the next 1/2 year's biggest scandal occurs," Hinckle said. “People thought it was with Watergate all the time. But this is Watergate's next floor. "4. January 2, 1983, nearly 2/2 years after Hinckle's prediction, Jay Paul, a Los Angeles police officer, delivered a tired team of researchers between Larry McDonald and Ronald Reagan. This day marked the end of McDonald's usefulness to the wider network he served. He had become responsible for some very important people. Illegal illegally gathering of illegally gathered files by L.A's Public Disorder Intelligence Division (PDID) was illegally gathered. The files were ordered for destruction in 1975, but later it was discovered that LAPD officers kept data bank information. Because of this disobedience, the Los Angeles Police Commission formally requested documents. By then, Lieutenant Thomas Scheidecker had stolen at least 10,000 pages of documents, and PDID Detective Jay Paul had transferred a huge amount of files to the Long Beach garage. Lawyer Ann Love, his wife, was paid $ 30,000 a year to feed sophisticated $ 100,000 computer data ordered to be destroyed. Broken Seals was a typical Western goal of ultra con propaganda, an alarming "report of attempts to destroy US foreign and domestic intelligence." Foreword was written by former director of DIA Daniel O. Graham, who continued to lead the High Frontiers Foundation to support Reagan's strategic defense initiative. Finally, the data was terminated on the computer of the Western Objectives Foundation. And, behold, a man who paid for Ann Love was Larry McDonald, chairman of western goals. There was also a network of John Rees, a journalist at the Western Goals Foundation, and Jerry Ducote's long-term partner with collecting methods for their common employers and similar data. Both act as provocators. “Expert provocateur is a police officer who is brought to any political organization as a guide to dissatisfaction. . . or take a case to allow his employer to act against that organization, ”Colonel Victor Kaledin stated. Ducote employed the key Reagan supporters and John Birch Society. Rees cooperated with the birch affiliation and lots of different proper-wing groups by feeding them info to distract and confuse those that opposed their views. Reagan's husband, Ducote, and Larry McDonald's crony, John Rees, labored together at Western Analysis in San Francisco, also called Analysis West. Ducote displaced himself behind the unmarked doors. The results of his espionage have been added to the display used by Governor Reagan to ponder potential state staff with left-wing politics with their own beliefs. On the similar time, representatives of the Los Angeles Police Department offered Western Research with pictures of races and demonstrations and copies of underground newspapers. Western Research, then again, bought details about staff and suggested corporations on potential risks. Analysis West, an incarnation, maintains close ties with regulation enforcement and enterprise databases, used spy to feed info to auxiliary corporations who needed to determine nuclear activists. It is clear that black itemizing did not end with the dying of Senator Joseph McCarthy. Witch searching by no means stopped. Final January, in Los Angeles, the American Civil Liberties Federation filed a lawsuit towards 131 regulation-abiding teams and people who have been illegally. In this case, 54 cops from the LAPD Public Disorder Intelligence Division have been respondents. The regulation agency representing the respondents was Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher. Unusually sufficient, lawyer William French Smith was a companion within the firm. And anybody aside from President Ronald Reagan is a customer of Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher in all personal legal matters. Time handed after Larry McDonald after a few years of stealing, bugging and turning. He was to be invited to the Grand Jury of the Los Angeles Province. His testimony – particularly the elements associated to the entry of illicit police intelligence information on a Lengthy Seashore pc – can disrupt and even injury a large quantity of highly effective individuals. ••• A number of weeks after the 007 flight, USSR President Yuri Andropov accused the USA of "a classy provocation created by US particular providers for instance of extreme adventurism in politics." How could the United States write such a script? Larry McDonald had to confuse President Reagan if too many California documents were revealed. They shared common spies and common enemies. So suppose that the CIA, the FBI and all the federal agencies working with McDonald, especially the Pentagon, wanted him quietly. At the same time, because McDonald was so violently communist, why wouldn't the Soviet Union be responsible for his murder? In the fight against communism, a new right martyr could be created. Remember Pueblo? The scenario may have continued as follows: • A celebration in South Korea at the beginning of September. McDonald had strong ties to his Korean-born honorary son, Sun Myung Moon, leader of the Church (Moonies), and South Korean Army. Organize McDonald to attend this celebration in South Korea. (Dorothy Hunt, CIA officer and Watergate's wife, E. Howard Hunt, was blown over to a commercial passenger plane over Chicago and no one seemed to care. As he dropped his presidency, espionage by both Mr Howard Hunt and Congressman McDonald seized on the Los Angeles Police Department.) • Always send spy airplanes over the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union does not value flights that break its territory. By putting McDonald on a commercial passenger plane and thinking about its attack on Soviet airspace at the same time, spying operations ensure the attack of the Soviet missile. One of the many secrets of Flight 007 is the lack of connection between its pilots and the US, Korean and Japanese listening points. This is called radio silence maintenance. In addition, 007 left Kennedy Airport in New York with a defective radio and navigation system. When the pilot left the first part of the flight in Anchorage, he took into account that the defective parts of the aircraft were repaired. But this did not happen. It is generally known to all pilots flying in the Soviet Union that aircraft crossing a certain point within Russian borders will have to disassemble or shoot down. If the CIA and the National Security Agency wanted Larry McDonald to die, which would guarantee an international event, the separation of pilots from instructions or warnings would be necessary. The way in which this can be achieved is to change either the radio broadcasts or the minds of the instructors – or both. 007 Commander Chun Byung In held Colonel in South Korean Air Force. He was considered sufficiently reliable to fly the Korean President to the United States in 1982 and to fly foreign routes linking Southeast Asia to the Middle East, Paris to Los Angeles and New York to Seoul. Colonel Sohn Dong Hui was the actual director of 007. According to news reports, Chun praised his close friends for specific tasks for American intelligence, and even showed them some of the machine's spying equipment or mapped Soviet military facilities. Spying was sometimes a disguised task of scheduled scheduled flights that started in New York and started in Seoul. After the 007 disaster, it was reported that the Koreans were often flying in the Soviet airspace to reduce fuel costs. But spying cameras with the ability to capture Soviet military bases are a more credible reason that Korean showers lose their way so often. The reports show that Korean Air Lines signed a secret agreement with the CIA in the early 1970s to conduct Soviet intelligence inquiries. In addition, these reports suggest that when flight 007 was shot down, the US intelligence mission used an intelligence satellite programmed to move overhead simultaneously. This allowed the US to store electronic traffic indicating the location of the Soviet air defense systems when they were activated to meet the presumed threat. When the US RC-135 intelligence machine driver has triggered a threatening warning to the Soviet Union, he used typical American spy guards to frustrate the Soviet air force. Eventually, he drifted under the radar space from the Kamchatan peninsula to disturb the air force's crew and flight 007 would not be detected in the Soviet airspace. At the same time as trying to dodge inside the Soviet Union 226 miles inside the Soviet Union, Director Chun asked for permission to lift 35,000 feet. Moments later, he shouted, "Quick… fast demolition." Flight 007 was hit by a missile. The last words of Chun – "one zero, one zero-delta" – left everyone confused, as well as the final radio transmissions of the machine. Matsumi Suzuki, director of the Japanese Sound Research Institute, and the Japanese broadcasting network NHK could not explain what "delta" means. Was this Chunin Rosebud? Early studies after the tragedy, with a clear link to the 007 pilots, recommend that the machine was hijacked. The second report found that each pilots and the navigator may need fallen asleep – a suspicious concept that takes under consideration the great document of the crew. A more doubtless risk is that the crew had been a sufferer of hypnosis and mind control – to receive instructions prematurely earlier than they left Anchorage, which couldn’t be acquired and saved later. If this seems to be far-reaching, think about the Sweet Jones experience of the famous mannequin and the radio character that described in her biography how CIA designed her thoughts for spy ware and spy ware-related activities. One invisible individual's call would have been enough to implement beforehand implanted instructions to kill himself. These bulletins came from the peak of Watergate's scandal and evidence that he had beforehand carried out CIA duties. Only the absence of her husband saved Sweet Jones from a certain dying. The difficulty of the 007 defective navigation system got here after the catastrophe. NASA reviews revealed that a minimum of 25 occasions over the past 5 years, US pilots who depend on the same navigation gadget utilized by 007 have been lost from the course – as soon as as much as 250 miles. This was resulting from pc malfunctions and human errors. “It's easy to be complacent [on long flights],” stated Thomas Foxworth, a pilot of Pan American World Airways. “It's human failure. The document is full of numerous situations where a man simply falls asleep. "What if Foxworth's" human failure "was actually a guided planning? Two 007 crews may need been asleep – or even lifeless. However the one who shouted "delta" was apparently awake until the top. His response to what occurred as a result of he had years of experience and expertise was a programmed zombie referred to as to fly continually – ignoring any exterior points of interest or sounds in the aircraft. Earlier in November 1974, the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights, led by Senator Sam Ervin from North Carolina, issued a 645-page report entitled "Individual Rights and the Role of the Federal Government in Behavioral Change", which described the advanced state of work and testing of the CIA thoughts. Three years later, the Senate Selection Board and the Subcommittee on Well being and Scientific Analysis revealed one other report: Challenge Mkultra: CIA Conduct Change Program. The outcome of these studies is that the Pentagon had the option of combining mind management with satellite tv for pc protection techniques. And the logical use of thoughts management would of course be to program the pilot – perhaps even turning a traditional flight kamikaze mission. Jose Delgado, a father of army and defense minds engaged on Dr. CIA and naval intelligence, improved such procedures back in 1971. Later in the Madrid area, when a small radio-managed electrode gave a momentary stream to an indignant beast, the bull stopped instantly. Delgado was additionally a pioneer in the technique of capturing temper issues within the mind, calming the topic with a remote pc that detected future nervousness, melancholy or rage, and secured again the inhibitor alerts by radio. "[programmed] An individual can think that the most important fact in reality is his own existence," Delgado wrote. "But it's just his personal perspective, a relative framework that other living worlds don't share." The rationale for completing the physical control of the mind was to permit outdoors powers to determine how an individual makes use of the physique by activating his mind and guiding it past the management of the topic – regardless of all of the acutely aware efforts that he can make. KAL Flight 007 was outfitted with the newest navigation know-how. Three pc-assisted inertial navigation methods that have been put in a yr earlier informed the aircraft seven occasions a second, where it ought to go. Solely the following would have been capable of coordinate the demise of consultant Larry McDonald with the Soviet missile response: (1) human elements; (2) modified gear in New York or Anchorage; or (three) Korean Air Drive pilots. ••• Who was Larry McDonald, a wierd and sophisticated one that used so many bathrobes? Initially, he was a physician specializing in urology, who defined a physician's laetrile for cancer patients. He was additionally a person who coated the possession of 200 weapons. In 1974, he was elected to america House of Representatives, later as president of both the obligation-free Western Objectives Foundation and John Birch Society. The easiest way to describe most people is to know who their heroes are. McDonald introduced that he would maintain two pictures on the walls of his congressional workplace, giving some clues to his mental state. One picture was Senator Joseph McCarthy. Another was Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. Senator McCarthy began his Senate profession after World Conflict II with two nicely-recognized Nazi sympathizers in Wisconsin – Frank Seusenbrenner and Walter Harnischfeger. The small print of Fred J. Prepare dinner's nightmare of the decade show McCarthy's Nazi supporters and how the Senator knew their "passionate ultra-legitimacy and admiration for Hitler." Harnischfeger's nephew typically reported an autographed copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf. He additionally flaunted a sequence of swastika. In December 1946, Hitler's prime army personnel have been sentenced to demise sentences or long jail sentences within the Dachau trials for massacres of American troopers in Malmedy, France. One of McCarthy's main objectives when he came to the Senate was to ease their release. By 1949, by way of congressional hearings, he directed one other path. McCarthy's efforts value him. 43 Nazis have been launched. When McCarthy organized a Home Un-American Activities (HUAC) hearing in 1953 and gathered info on reliable citizens for future fascist functions, most of his information got here from the USA intelligence providers and Nazi warfare criminals. He also appealed to giant spy-net information referred to as ODDESSA, an affiliation of former SS officers, shaped between 1943 and 1945, when it turned clear that the Third Reich could not win the conflict towards the Soviet Union. When McCarthy died in 1957, it is sensible to imagine that Larry McDonaid, via Louise Rees, took big computerized information that now include hundreds of thousands of names worldwide. Louise Rees, spouse of McDonald's Western Objectives Basis editor John Rees, labored for McCarty and Roy M. Cohn, a subcommittee of the Senate's Investigative Panel of 1953. Western objectives are listed as advisers to Roy M. Cohn, presently a New York lawyer. And when McDonald went to Washington, Georgia, in 1974, Louise Rees was a hired employees. McDonald's admiration for his second nice hero, Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, might be partly explained by the fact that each of his careers benefited from international fascist organizations. And there’s evidence that Chilean Nazis funded McDonald's congressional campaigns since 1974, in the course of Pinochet – just as the Nazis have been to McCarthyl in Wisconsin. Mockingly, that night time, when McDonald was killed, Pinochet, his CIA-backed hero, suffered Chilean breasts. The residents of Chile additionally need their nightmare to end. Pinochet is liable for DINA, the terrorist teams of Nazi-like demise groups, who’re the arm of the Chilean police and are essential to take care of his repressive regime. With out DINA's worry and torture strategies, the Chilean American Doll Board won’t last another day. Pinochet additionally doesn’t intrude with Colonia Dignidad, a port of warfare criminals at the Argentina-Chile border. Colonia Dignidad is a torture middle the place the dissidents who oppose Pinochet are violated and fed to the canine alive. Armed guards block snoopers. Amnesty Worldwide is at present investigating this unlucky state of affairs. Larry McDonald's uncomfortable Chilean connection continued to be revealed when Robert Byron Watson introduced his representatives from the House Select Assassination Committee together with his statements detailing that McDonald's relationship with Fuad Habash Ansare in Santiago de Chile; Watson claimed that Fuad Habash is Dr. George Habash, the leader of the Arab terrorist leader, who’s the preferred entrance of Palestinian freedom. This organization is claimed to work with the CIA to arrange Arab terrorist attacks all over the world. ••• Larry McDonald's Western Objectives Basis, another gloomy organization, was founded in 1979. Its advisory board members are listed in brochures and newspaper ads and embrace: Jean Ashbrook, Mrs Walter Brennan, Taylor Caldwell, Roy M. Cohn, congressman Philip M. Crane (R-Illinois), Common Raymond Davis, Henry Hazlitt, Dr Mildred F. Jefferson, Dr Anthony Kubek, Robert Milliken, Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, EA Morris, Vice-President Lloyd M. Mustin, Mrs. John C. Newington , Basic George S. Patton III, Dr. Hans Sennholz, Basic John Singlaub, Dan Smoot, Robert Stoddard, Congressman Bob Stump (D-Arizona), Helen Marie Taylor, Dr. Edward Teller, Common Lewis Walt and Dr. Eugene Wigner. Leading personnel at Western objectives embrace Director Linda Guell; John Rees, editor; and Julia Ferguson, researcher. Two members of the western objectives particularly point out. In line with Seymour Hersh's current guide The Energy of Power on the White House of Nixon, Admiral Thomas Moorer dominated the hidden removing of confidential info from President Nixon's office. Moorer shops the papers by way of Yeoma Charles Radford clearly in the "President's eyes" and gave them to the Pentagon. His salary for stealing these secret documents was an advert for prestigious co-staff. Merry Christmas, Cambodia! Bypassing each congressman Henry Kissinger and Admiral Moorer made their very own personal conflict towards that country – which has not fought the USA at any time – optionally in the selection of bombings that value tens of millions of harmless individuals. Later, it developed the Moorer and McDonald's Western Objectives pc to guage the information of two million California Los Angeles Police Division. So it occurs that criminals comply with harmless. Information about you might be already saved and computerized in secret databases. Would you wish to belief such individuals together with your good identify? Another noteworthy advisory board member of the Western aim is Edward Teller, a Hungarian born hydrogen bomb father. On the same day that McDonald made the Washington Publish's entrance web page – when Western objectives have been asked to reply Los Angeles stolen documents – Teller took part within the European Seminar Nuclear Warfare, which was important to America's future overseas policy. ••• There isn’t any starting or finish to the tragedy of Larry McDonald. His right-wing fanaticism appealed to him to the upcoming warfare with the Soviet Union of torturers, hostages, assassins, terrorists, encryptors and other people. And there he was last August 31 and Sept. 1, apparently sitting alone on flight 007. If it was within the Soviet design, then all of him have been communists who knew beforehand. However because the US delegation was secured and settled with the Congressman, CIA and US representatives knew something they didn't share with him – even to save lots of their lives. What's up, Alfie?

Profiles of American Beloved TV Celebrities (38) – The Chuck Norris black belt patriotism first appeared within the Constantine report.