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Sharp is still humble, Ring Card Model / Businessman / Singer Arianny Celeste Back to Las Vegas International Battle Time: CYInterview sits with a diverse woman for Q and A

Arianny Celeste is a gifted model, businessman and singer. He is additionally a centralized man who exudes gratitude and humility. Maybe it is probably the most famous ring card mannequin in UFC historical past, where social media follows hundreds of thousands and has branched out to modeling via the web business referred to as Girlfriend Field, which is out there at He also has merchandise for sale at

Last week in Las Vegas there was a world battle week. It is an annual weekend to unite celebrations in martial arts. Because he had returned to Las Vegas – where he was born and raised – we had the opportunity to CYInterview Arianny Celeste. See the picture above.

With almost 10 million social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it is not disputed that individuals are paying attention and ready for the subsequent replace of this multifunctional woman.

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Chris Yandek: This is Chris Yandek for CYInterview. We're right here immediately, the only one, Arianny Celeste. Thanks very much for being here at this time. How are you? Welcome back residence.

Arianny Celeste: Thanks very a lot. I'm doing rather well. Tremendous busy this weekend. Nevertheless it's all the time hectic; However it's all the time fun. So I’m completely satisfied and I’m grateful that I’m here.

Chris Yandek: Properly, I simply need to start by saying one fast thing to you this week [International Fight Week]? You already know you've been to the OCT since 2006 and this is like the Tremendous Bowl Week. So it is superb to see how sport continues to develop.

Arianny Celeste: Sure. It's all the time fun. It's all the time exciting. This is a weekend where I can really get in contact with my followers. I’ve posters. I’ve t-shirts. So I actually, I attempt to give them one thing that they did not have before. I might have acquired my calendars, but they didn't print on time. So, it's all concerning the weekend fans. It's all, apparently the UFC is here and they're making a good presentation for the fans, and we will actually mix and do a lot of occasions which are nearly having fun with followers.

Chris Yandek: Nicely, as you continue to fame, you now, as I would like to say, get into the entrepreneur's spirits. So tell me about

Arianny Celeste: So Girlfriend Field is a present that started with my good friend, and it's principally every thing you need, whether or not you have been in a dog house with your girlfriend, simply needed to say: "Hey, I'm thinking of you." “This is a one-stop store for you to get a present for her, whether or not it's her birthday or anniversary or not. We’re a present made straightforward. So that you don't have to think about it, you’ll be able to design it. We’ve it prepared everytime you want. It is delivered and we care for all the onerous elements.

Chris Yandek: So look again at this unimaginable journey you could have taken and the constant model awareness you’ve constructed for your self, have you ever simply sat down and stated to your self, really what makes a good calling card boy?

Ariany Celeste: You already know, I feel I’ve more than a ring card woman. I would like to assume more about myself. I feel it simply thinks outdoors the box. Like, what do I actually like? I've truly run simply by being your personal boss and an unbiased and figuring out that I have, you realize, some ladies who’re wanting for me and I came to nothing. So for me it is as much as I do, you understand, I'm just grateful for and hopefully I would really like to inspire women who want to be as I am, as you understand? A ring card woman, prefer it's nice, it's superb that it's about how you look and your body and physique, but there's one thing prior to now that's pretty cool. So I feel actually good.

Chris Yandek: You have got clearly expanded into these horizons via this recognition and past. Then my next question can be, how's the summary of the trip to date?

Ariany Celeste: The journey is the infinite commotion and all the time rising, all the time studying, all the time making an attempt to maintain myself together, because I am a human being on the end of the day. You understand, I have things to undergo, break, drama with household, drama with associates. So it is only mentally and bodily wholesome. As, in fact, on the surface, I am bodily wholesome, however mentally, every part, emotionally, holding it together for a few years, I am pleased with myself for that.

Chris Yandek: Once I talked about it I was asking you what you discovered?

Arianny Celeste: I didn't study to give people who find themselves discouraging and unfavorable and mean. Particularly on the Internet as a result of it can be really damaging and should you actually take a look at such stuff. Trolls and average individuals, it will probably really affect you. So I simply discovered to ignore it and put as much constructive power as attainable. I feel like you’re constructive, despite the fact that it's virtually like a reminder. When you’re constructive to other individuals, it is a reminder to yourself, hey, you might have this, you are able to do this, simply continue. You recognize that once I encourage others and I really feel what my social media is, I encourage myself.

Chris Yandek: Yeah. Once I spoke with Olivia Newton-John just lately [see here] we spoke from his perspective, and all the time take a look at things in an outgoing, constructive type. But, apparently, what I say to you is your fixed rising fan and feeling, you’ve to say, no, everybody doesn't like me. And because of course I’ve more attention, there shall be more negativity, however positivity is additionally superb.

Arianny Celeste: Yes. The amount of positivity is really great. I’ve a lot of lovely followers and constructive individuals in my life.

Chris Yandek: What do you want your fans to know most about not being?

Arianny Celeste: I feel you already know I never thought I used to be going to be on this entertainment business as I used to be. I've all the time performed all of the guide, and I'd actually like a super shy. So you realize that I have to come out of my shell and be in an business like your face on a regular basis, it just appears like you’ll be able to actually do anything and in the event you take pleasure in it, like, Anna returns. I've never thought I'd be on this space. However I’m, and I like it and it actually has been very constructive as the whole lot else Outsourcing in my life. So

Chris Yandek: I feel the factor I might have most considered once I considered all of the years I needed to speak to you, I have a few pairs for you and then I'll allow you to go is how I say this if you knew you would be greater or greater than or better than?

Arianny Celeste: It was never like I'd be better or greater than it was, okay, this big enterprise has been given this opportunity. I am very properly, however how I'm going to do better than that. What can I do to transfer to the subsequent degree? Okay, I’ve to transfer to L.A [Los Angeles]. Okay, I'm gonna make exhibitions. I'm going to take host lessons. I'm going to be more than simply this octagonal woman, this ring woman. I'm going to begin my own product line as a result of I’ve fans. I'm positive the followers would love. So I started my calendar, I began t-shirts. I started all this stuff that have been just as soon as a small little dream. So I imply, it takes braveness. It just takes being like okay, take the danger, you’ve this.

Chris Yandek: You will have a real ardour for a track. I'd love to inform me about this.

Ariany Celeste: I am a singer. I've been a singer all my life. I have a very musical family. A bunch of singers, a group of dancers, entertainers. And singing is my ardour. It burns my soul. You understand, I just love to sing. I'm not likely targeted on this right now due to my business. But yes, it's just my comfortable place.

Chris Yandek: Lastly, I was actually stunned. You’re right here [Las Vegas].

Ariany Celeste: I was born and raised right here. Yeah. I’ve been in L. A for 9 years but this is my residence. Each time once I come house, it looks like residence and I see all my associates who I've been pals for years and years and years. So it's really nice to be warmly welcome every time I come residence.

Chris Yandek: Arianny Celeste, thanks so much for finally being at CYInterview. It's so great to finally speak to you. Lastly, what do you want to add or point out, or anything in any respect?

Arianny Celeste: Just look. I'll begin the calendar in a few weeks at And in case you are wanting for a good present for your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister, go to And comply with me @AriannyCeleste.

Chris Yandek: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Arianny Celeste: Yes.

Chris Yandek: Anyone Missing?

Arianny Celeste: That's it.

Chris Yadek: Thanks very much.

Arianny Celeste: Thanks.

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