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The 7 Best Lilly Singh Desi Youtube Collaborations

7 Best Lilly Singh Desi Youtube Collaborations - madhuri

Lilly Singh is likely one of the most successful YouTubers on the earth. He additionally happens to be Indian-Canadian.

Her Youtube channel known as IISuperwomanII and she or he refers to herself as "Superwoman".

He reported incomes £ eight.7 million in 2017, rating 10th in Forbes' highest paying YouTube. the celebs. He revealed his personal guide, his own stuff, and he’ll soon have his personal tv program.

An essential a part of Lilly Singh's online presence is how she uses visibility and success to promote charities.

He is a passionate supporter. ladies's rights and has devoted much of their time and money to empowering ladies.

Lilly is most famous for her comedy designs on YouTube. His movies are more likely to make any viewer snort, however viewers with Desi heritage love his relatable content material.

Lily's superstar has made her collaborate with many celebrities up to now. On this article, DESIblitz explores Lilly Singh's seven most popular Youtube collaborations with the Desi translation.

What Bollywood Has Taught Me (Feat. Madhuri Dixit)

  7 Best Lilly Singh Events. Desi Youtube Collaborations - Madhuri

Here in again yr 2014, we see Lilly Singh as probably the most beloved characters: mother and father.

The draft opens when Lilly watches a Bollywood movie "with her parents" (they’re, the truth is, Lilly Singh dressed as her mother and father.)

Lilly complains concerning the film to her mother (Paramjeet) and her father (Manjeet). He asks them if he can take a look at one thing totally different because there’s nothing helpful to study Bollywood.

His mother and father disagree and tell him that Bollywood can train him many essential life lessons. Nevertheless, they’re stupid life doctrines, similar to how one can be lovely. Paramede tells Lilly:

“Look, they train you how you can be lovely, okay, like Madhuri Dixit, okay? Not like you, stupid! "

To Lily's surprise, Madhuri Dixit rings the doorbell of the Singh family house.

Madhuri Dixit walks into Lilly's house and asks, "Bollywood hasn't taught you anything?"

Lilly replies that she doesn't think Bollywood has any answers in life. issues. He gives Madhur some examples, such as how to get rid of him, how to make an impression on a boy, and even how to win in a hidden game.

Madhuri answers all Lilly's questions with Bollywood songs that offer advice.

Lily's fun, however, ends when her parents confuse her with arguing in front of Madhur. Madhuri decides to leave before things get out of hand.

Watch this Desi collaboration by clicking below:

  video   video

How To Be A Good Wing Woman (Feat. Priyanka Chopra)

  7 Lilly Singh Desi Youtube Collaboration - Priyanka   7 Best Lilly Singh Desi Youtube Collaborations - Priyanka

Lilly Singh created her video from one of India's most famous & # x123; x-mas badges & # 39 ;. celebrities: Priyanka Chopra.

The video is called How to Be a Good Wing Woman and is a hilarious video that shows Lily trying to help Priyanka meet a man in a bar.

Video opens with Lily and Priyanka drinking in a bar. Priyanka complains about how her boyfriend left her through Snapchat.

Lilly is determined to help Priyanka survive the heart of her heart. She decides to be her wing and puts her in the room with someone. Lilly turns to the camera and says:

"I am the last word wing man – the victim-wing. Wing individual. You understand what I mean. "

Lilly has a plan. She walks up to the man Priyanka is interested in and asks her what she drinks. He then calls out the drink of his choice so Priyanka can order the same.

Superwoman then asked the man questions and told her that she and Priyanka had a lot in common.

When he finally convinces him to go talk to him, however, he is revealed to be gay. She asks Priyanka if she could help her meet other men at the bar.

It's Lilly's failed wing-woman attempt, but it's a hilarious and successful Desi collaboration.

Watch Lilly Singh's collaboration with Priyanka Chopra, click below:

  video   video

Gift Guide for Immigrant Parents (Feat. Hasan Minhaj)

  7 Lilly Singh Desi Youtube Collaboration - Hasan img class = "lazyload size-full wp-image-247886 aligncenter" src = " Collaborations-hasan.jpg "alt =" 7 Lilly Singh Desi Youtube Collaboration – Hasan [19659011] Lilly Singh is making a video with comic Hasan Minhaj within the context of Christmas 2018 collaboration.

The video is a scam present information for presents that

Lilly opens the video by telling viewers.:

"The following gift guide is sure to make your immigrant parent happy." , and expensive garment strengthened soles. He explains, "

" Yeah, they value much more, and your mother and father won’t ever buy them. "

They list a total of 15 ideas before Hassan tells viewers:

" It's not about how a lot cash you spend . It's about thought, care, and how much cash you saved truthfully. "

The comments below the video show what viewers thought of the collaboration. They loved the way Lilly and Hassan gladly showed how many immigrant parents acted around their children.

For example, one of their gift suggestions was a daily maid service around the house. The video was cut into a scene where Lilly's mother (Paramjeet) cleared the table and shouted:

“Oh! Hurry up and clean before the maid comes in, okay? Doesn't look good. "

If you want to see this hilarious collaboration for yourself, watch the video under:

  video   video

What Clubbing Actually Is (Feat. Liza Koshy)

  lillyia5 [19659058] lillyia5

Two YouTube sensations came collectively on this video. This time, Lilly Singh partnered together with your YouTube associate Liza Koshy, who also makes comedy movies online.

The video begins with Lilly explaining that clubbing can sound so fascinating when you’re youthful. Now that she has skilled it for herself for many years, she tells her viewers exactly what to anticipate.

He begins how the night time begins: getting ready with pals. This is where Liza Koshy joins Lilly as they do make-up and styling their hair collectively.

Lilly then explains the principles of the sport: for example, you need to depart the house at 10:15 which suggests it’s a must to begin consuming at 9:15.

He then informed his viewers that there can be confusion with the club's visitor record, and claims that you need to offer you free entry.

Nevertheless, in the long run, you will inevitably cave in and pay the entrance payment anyway.

When Lilly and Liza lastly come to the club, it's empty and the people who work there nonetheless set every little thing up.

But up to now, the enjoyable returns and the two YouTubeers are drunk once they inform each other how much they love each other.

The video even incorporates a beloved character within the videos of Liza Koshy, Helga. She talks to Lilly, who’s dressed as one other man.

The video ends with Lilly taking a pause from vomiting in her rest room to make her father's call.

He panics as a result of he doesn't need him to know. she's been consuming, so she tells her to help her pal all night time. He took the lyrics of T.V. to make the plot of the Bell Air Air Prince collection:

“Principally Liza's life turned the wrong way up. He spends most of his days on the playground chilling, maximizing, and enjoyable cool, and he played b-ball outdoors of faculty.

“He fought, his mom was afraid and now he moved his aunt and uncle in Bel Air. I'm simply making an attempt to reassure everybody. "

The video ends with him being awarded the prize for an impressive performance on his father's phone.

To watch this video and learn all that Lilly Singh and Liza Koshy know about the club club, click below:

  video   video

If people were honest on dates (Fey. Jay Sean)

  Lilly Singh Desi Seven Best Collaborations of the Youtube Competition - Jay   7 Lilly Singh Desi Events Youtube Collaborations - Jay

Returning to 2014, we find Lilly Singh collaborating with the famous pop singer Jay Sean. Her most popular song, Down, was in the lead in 2009.

Lilly and Sean are going to date this video. However, this date is different from regular dates because they are always honest and talk their mind. Examples include Lilly saying:

"I'm sorry about this immediately."

Sean also cannot help but converse the reality. For instance, he tells Lilly, "

" My final girlfriend, Armor, was emotional to me, so I feel the necessity to overcompensate. "

This video is for anyone who has been on a date and has felt the strain to be the right model of themselves.

Lilly and Sean present how ridiculous it will be for us to interrupt this commonplace and speak our minds.

After some tough outbursts and a tip-off walk, the couple determine – five and name it a night.

Lilly Singh additionally made a diary of the day she filmed this video. It exhibits him and Sean joking together and Lilly making an attempt to repeat Sean's English accents.

To observe this hilarious and relatable video, click under:

  video   video

Lilly Singh: ON Grateful Melancholy | ON Podcast Ep.5 (Feat. Jay Shetty)

  The 7 Most Popular Lilly Singh Desi Youtube Collaborations - Jay Shetty   The 7 Most Popular Lilly Singh Desi Youtube Collaborations - Jay Shetty

The following Desi collaboration has a unique type. It's a podcast with Jay Shetty, who has been featured on his Youtube channel.

Jay Shetty is an award profitable host and an enormous fan of Lilly Singh. This video is an hour-long interview with Lily.

They talk about totally different subjects as a result of Jay has many questions for Lilly. Nevertheless, because the title of this video factors out, the main target is on Lilly's expertise with melancholy.

He reveals to listeners how his YouTube success is said to the darker occasions of his life.

Lilly explains that when she graduated from school, she felt very misplaced. He didn't know what he needed to do and located himself at the hours of darkness and unhappy part of his life.

Lilly Singh used YouTube to escape her melancholy. Making movies on the channel made him joyful, and that's what motivated all his arduous work through the years. He informed Jay:

"I truly believe that the desire to drive to waste and not to waste opportunities and to waste this life is honestly what drives me because I know what it feels like to have a life.

So I don't want to go back there."

Here we see Lilly Singh, recognized for laughing at tens of millions of individuals discussing a very critical subject.

Lilly Singh's openness and honesty on this video permit viewers to get to know her higher.

In case you are excited about listening to this podcast, :

  video   video

If my Indian father was a rapper (Feat. Nargis Fakhri)

  7 Lilly Singh Desi Youtube Collaboration - Nargis <img class="lazyload size-full wp-image-247889 aligncenter" src="" alt=" 7 Best Lilly Singh Desi Youtube Collaboration 19 ] Finally, we've got Lilly Singh collaborating with model and actress Nargis Fakhr. considered one of his favorite characters: Manjeet.

He makes a compilation of three songs based mostly on in style rap songs, but the lyrics have modified. The unique phrases have been replaced by Manjeet.

The second track in this video is Osmani Garcia's cheat on El Taxi. When Lilly raps and acts like Manjeet, the famous mannequin dances subsequent to her: it's Nargis Fakhri!

Nargis Fakhri follows Lilly in her rip-off music video for My Taxi. to anybody with Indian heritage. Some of our favorites are:

"I have a lot of rupees, buying bargains by the pound, I would make the rain, but then people were drowned."

The different two songs in this video also include unbelievable lyrics, like:

" who can speak another language like kidhan soniyeh? I am a mother wild wild. "

Not just the lyrics that make these songs so funny; it’s Lilly Singh who acts as her father.

From their fits to facial expressions, you possibly can solely snicker as you take a look at him on the display.

To see this hilarious video that includes superstar actress and model Nargis Fakhr, click the hyperlink under:

  video   video

Lilly Singh has made lots of of videos for YouTube. In case you are unsure which are the most effective to observe subsequent, this can be a must use listing.

His Desi collaboration could be enjoyed by individuals around the globe. Nevertheless, should you share his Desi background, his jokes are extra relative.

Should you're a fan of any of these Desi celebrities, you’ll be able to't miss these Lilly Singh collaboration movies.

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