vision ias prelims test series – Review

Hey there!!

I don’t know why people are being too negative about it? I am a student of Vision IAS since last 3 months. I am completely satisfied with the booklets, teachers,online classes and assignment checking.

I have attended the classes of Indian Modern History by Jayesh Sir (He is my personal favourite. It’s too much fun to be in his class. The way he dictates and make notes is really good), Economics by Mohammad Sir (although his classes r long nd lill boring but he covers everything in a detailed manner), Geography by Harsh sir (he is really good at it), Basic Science by Neeraj sir (very good notes) last but not the least Essay classes by Smriti ma’am (she is just outstanding in her teaching methods).

Pros of joining vision IAS:

  • You don’t have to stand in a long queueas in the case of vajiram. You saved your time!!
  • Two or three subjects are taken at a time and as it finishes new subject is introduced, so there is continuity throughout the week.
  • The duration of class is 3 hours.
  • In case if you missed a class, live class as well as video is available for the same.


  • You get an assignment question on daily basis that is checked by the experienced members hence, helping you in answer writing practice.


vision ias prelims test series 2017 – download

  • Handouts, ppts and booklets are also given in the student dashboard section.
  • It is an interactive class, where u can clarify all ur doubts during and even after the class(on ur student portal)
  • Teachers and the staffs are cooperative.

Sharing one of my personal experiences

I lost my Vision class ID card. I went to the head office, the lady gave me a new ID card within 5 minutes without throwing tantrums upon me.

Later on she requested to keep it safe and be careful.

  • They give you hardcopy as well as soft copy of monthly current affairs magazine.


  • Test series are available based upon topics taught in the classes. Few topics at a time to keep a pace with your studies.
  • On daily basis MCQs are uploaded after the class is over to check the basic understanding.



  • None of the coaching centre can make you clear UPSC civil services examination. It’s your journey. Your hardwork and dedication that will decide your fate.

DISCLAIMER: I am not any promoter or advertiser of Vision IAS. Whatever I wrote was purely based on my experience of last 3 months.

Every coaching institute by and large is trying to give their best here in Delhi. You just need to find out what suits you the best. Last but not the least revising and self study is the key.